We love creating swimwear which makes women feel confident, comfortable and glamorous – and we're proud to have so many customers who love what we do. 

From women who have experienced breast cancer, to women who simply love the body confidence our swimsuits give them, we've had lots of our lovely customers get in touch to tell us their stories and to share a little love for our brand. 

Do you have a Clover Lewis Swimwear story of your own? We’d love to hear it.

So soft to wear, makes me look slim. I love the look and feel of this swimsuit! The lining doesn’t make my skin sore, and holds my tummy in all the right places so my tamoxifen weight gain is covered.

— Jane, UK

Very stylish and amazing quality - worth the price!
— Laura (Happy returning customer!)
This is the most stylish range of mastectomy swimwear that I have found. I really love the cut and detailing over the bust area.

— Love, Laura

Both my (DIVE) bikini and swimsuit more than met my requirements. I didn’t have to fiddle or pull to get in the right position and it held my prosthesis well. Your swimwear is the best I have ever worn - and how it made me feel is priceless.
— Letitia Green, Derby, UK
Letitia Green mastectomy swimwear testimonial

I haven’t had a mastectomy, I’m just pretty flat chested. This Dive swimsuit gives me shape without padding and it’s beautifully made.
— Kirtseen P, Hong Kong

I have been complimented every time I’ve worn my bikini, honestly, Clover! So many of my friends love either the colour, the coverage or the elegance and uniqueness of the design. Great for sea AND river swimming. The pants didn’t even fall in the huge waves whilst I was body surfing in Cornwall! It’s wonderful to do such energetic sport and still feel very womanly…
— Karen D, Lewes, UK
Karen D Mastectomy bikini testimonial

My bikini is beautiful. Worth the (pre-order) wait as it’s not like anything I have seen online or in shops. The cut around the legs and the softness of the fabric and the top design has been carefully thought about. Thank you and congratulations!
— Jane A, London

Such a lovely bikini, very discreet and I feel confident wearing it.
— Carol, Sunday, 17 June 2018

Thanks so much, Clover! You really understand what BC sufferers have gone through and your swimwear is going to be such a comfort both mentally and physically to women all around the world. I’m so excited to have my red 50’s style one, it’s beautiful.
— Lara Honnor, Actress, blogger
Lara Honnor, Post surgery swimwear testimonial

Clover, your collection looks and feels fab, and is going to help lots of women!
— Yvonne P, Artist London, UK

Clover Lewis Swimwear: great designs for those ladies still a little nervous to head to the beach - No excuse now!
— Caroline Smith, Breast Cancer Care Model, UK
Caroline Smith mastectomy swimwear testimonial

The bikini is great for coverage Clover, especially for women my age, mastectomy or not. At 48 I just don’t want a skimpy thong thing thanks very much! You are so clever, thank you xxx
— Karen, London, UK

Stunning swimwear to feel like a million dollars!
— Tessa Stuart, Writer, UK
Tessa Stuart post surgery swimwear testimonial

Beautiful Design. This is such a beautiful and flattering bikini. I absolutely love the design and makes me feel really confident!
— Maggie, USA

I would buy this, even as a woman who’s not experienced breast cancer - elegant, stylish and timeless with a hint of a more elegant era.
— Susie Hall, The Impact Coach, UK
Susie Hall testimonial mastectomy swimwear

Clover is gonna rock because she’s a woman who’s had Breast Cancer looking to improve the lives of others who come after her. She’s doing an amazing job.
— Pauline Giles, Bosom Buddies UK
Pauline Giles, mastectomy swimwear testimonial

I love these designs, particularly Jump. I really struggled to get stylish yet practical swimwear following my mastectomy and reconstruction. I needed swimwear I could insert a bust enhancer in and really struggled to find anything remotely to my liking. Cannot wait until I can wear Jump – just wondering which spa to book…
— Nicola

Wow Clover! Your designs are amazing. What a fabulous service you are providing!
— Vicki

Such a change from the frumpy designs on the market at the moment, these are much prettier and more contemporary. Brilliant that you have used your experience to create such wonderful pieces for others facing mastectomies.
— Anikka

These designs are beautiful. Having a full mastectomy at 32 was a shock, but having beautiful swimwear to give me confidence is amazing.
— Becky

At long last a stylish swimsuit is within my reach! Loving the designs (dive swimsuit in blue for me!) aimed at the fashion conscious ladies that have had breast cancer surgery. You never know I may even let people see me in a swimsuit again, which I haven’t done for 2 1/2 years post surgery… Despite having a swimming pool and a hot tub! Thank you Clover!
— Emma

Love the fit and the designer style. I had a mastectomy at 37, and since then I’ve been looking for a bikini that could make me look even wearing a prosthesis, but didn’t make me look like an old and tacky. So happy to find this bikini! I am the classiest woman in the pool, and nobody knows I’ve had mastectomy.
— Analisa

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